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In addition to standard software, we also offer a variety of teaching, research and other software for use by faculty and staff. Some software is currently available via remote access, some as individual installs on office computers, and some for home use.

Below is a brief outline for requesting additional software. Please contact us for detailed information, as licensing and software availability may change from time to time.

Listed Software

If the software you need is listed below, please submit your request via our online support form. It may take up to two weeks to process these requests.

Licenses may not be readily available even though the software title appears on the list.

Unlisted Software

If the software you need is not listed below, you will first need to get approval from your Chair / Department Head. Once approval is granted, you may submit your request online, along with the approval.

New requests may have to be funded through your department or will have to be approved by the Dean’s Office and / or the CIO.

New software purchases are reviewed for consistency, pricing, and licensing type (individual/site-wide) by our office.

Software List

Hyperlinks in list above indicate additional resources and information is available for the title

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