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Adobe Acrobat Pro is a popular computer program developed by Adobe Systems, designed to view, create, edit and manage files in Adobe's PDF file format.

If you are only looking to create PDF files, the functionality is available already within Microsoft Office. Adobe Acrobat is useful if you want to manipulate PDF files further.

Suffolk University offers faculty and staff Adobe Acrobat software for University owned computers.  Adobe Creative Suite 6 is available for personally owned computers through the Adobe Creative Cloud under the Adobe Home Use Program. If interested, all full time employees are eligible to purchase an extremely discounted annual license that allows for access to the entire Adobe Creative Suite 6 through which you can get Adobe Acrobat Pro.  Additional information on home use is listed below.

In order to save disk space on your computer, we recommend you only install Adobe Acrobat, even though you can pick and choose from among many different Adobe software products. 

For a detailed list of features and additional information about the entire Adobe Creative Cloud please see their website at

For information specific to Adobe Acrobat, please visit the website at

Adobe Acrobat Pro for Home

1. How can faculty and staff obtain Acrobat for home?

Currently, there is only one way of getting Acrobat for home:

Faculty or Staff Users should visit and sign in and register using their Suffolk University email address. 

An email will be sent to your account to confirm the address.

Once registered and confirmed, users can sign in and access the Adobe Creative Cloud software as follows:

You should see the heading  Adobe Systems Incorporated. If not, on the blue banner under Faculty/Staff, click Adobe.

Click on the Adobe Creative Cloud link or icon

Click Add To Cart

You may add the optional Extended Access Guarantee if you wish, then proceed to Check Out

You will be directed to a page with the specifics of the license agreement. Please review this information, and to accept the terms of the license agreement and continue, click I Accept


Customer Support is available by phone at 1-888-396-14476 from 6am – 6pm Eastern, via e-mail at, and online (FAQ and Web form submission) via the Help link at the top right of each page.


Note: We cannot loan you the install CD due to Adobe's licensing restrictions.

2. How many copies of Acrobat can faculty and staff get?

Faculty and staff are only eligible for one (1) installation of Acrobat. Choose your computer wisely.

3. What platforms can I get Acrobat for?

Adobe Acrobat and the entire Adobe Creative Suite 6 for home is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.