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What is Westlaw?

Thomson Reuter's Westlaw product is an online legal research service that uses search technologies and research tools to provide quick, easy access to West's collection of legal resources, plus current news articles and business information. Information resources on Westlaw include more than 30,000 databases of case law, state and federal statutes, court documents, administrative codes, newspaper and magazine articles, public records, law journals, law reviews, treatises, legal forms and other information resources.

Westlaw's resources can be accessed through two different products, differentiated by how you conduct searches. SBS has access to both products.

WestlawClassic: Search by citation, resource type, and database.

WestlawNext: Allows users to conduct plain language search (like Google) across all core legal content or search using Boolean terms and connectors

How do I access Westlaw?

For short-term, general access, SBS faculty will share one Westlaw account. The username, password, and client ID for the shared account can be found on the MySuffolk portal. Go to Committees > My Committees > SBS Faculty Resources > Shared Files > OTM Resources > Westlaw.pdf.

SBS faculty working on long term projects can contact our office to request access to a personal account throughout the duration of their research.

To access WestlawClassic:

To access WestlawNext:

I am new to Westlaw. How do I learn more about it?

Westlaw Classic offers product documentation and research assistance within the Help menu of its website.

The WestlawNext Help Center offers product documentation and video tutorials. Links to a few key resources are below.

You may also contact our office and we'll do our best to direct you to the appropriate resources. If your department is interested in a live, online introduction to Westlaw, you may request a webinar through our office.

How can I get help with Westlaw?