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  • 1.5.1 Employee Accidents, Emergencies and Unsafe Conditions
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Suffolk University officials require all injuries be reported that are sustained while on University property and/or while participating in University recognized activities. This report should be completed no matter how minor the injury may have been, and can be found on the Office of Environmental, Health & Safety’s webpage. A Suffolk University representative must complete all sections of the form within 24 hours after the injury is first reported. By reporting the accident you will also help prevent to prevent similar type accidents in the future.  

Injury Accidents

If you are injured at work, please complete the Suffolk University Incident Report Form and forward it to your supervisor, Human Resources, and the Office of Environmental, Health & Safety. 

Non-Injury Accidents (Near Miss)

If you were in an accident or other situation where you could have been injured, please report it to your supervisor and the Office of Environmental, Health & Safety. 


Persons discovering a fire, smoky condition, or explosion should:

  • Pull the nearest fire alarm/pull station. This will notify the Boston Fire Department that there is a fire in the building. Fire alarm pull stations are located next to the interior stairwell doors.
  • Walk to the nearest stairway or exit and leave the building. Do not use elevators during a fire.

To obtain medical attention if you believe you have an emergency:
On campus - First, dial 9-911 from a campus phone, 911 from a non-campus phone. Then, notify Suffolk University Police at extension 8111, or 617-573-8111, that you have called for an ambulance and provide the location where the medical emergency exists. Suffolk University Police will guide the EMTs to the correct location as well as come to the location to offer assistance.
Off campus - dial 911        

In the event of a criminal act, call the Suffolk University Police Department at 617-573-8111 or 8111 from any Suffolk University campus phone if you are on campus, or 911 if you are off campus. 

Unsafe Conditions

Examples of unsafe conditions can include but are not limited to: falling ice, tripping or slipping hazards, damaged facility equipment, electrical hazards, spilled oil or other chemicals, witnessing an employee, student or contractor behaving unsafely. Unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to the Suffolk University Police Department at 617-573-8111  or 8111 from any Suffolk University campus phone. 


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