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An incident is any unusual occurrence; a violation of policy; an employee, student, or visitor accident with or without injury; a disturbance that could disrupt University functions; a near miss; or a mishap due to faulty equipment. A response may be necessary by the police, emergency medical services and/or any other departments or agencies in order to protect life, assist the injured, safeguard properties and get the situation stabilized so that attention is no longer required. 

An accident/incident may involve human beings or natural disasters as both the cause and the entity involved in the incident.  It could be a crime, a policy violation, an injury and/or a situation and/or an event of any kind.

An incident must be documented in one of the following reports: Employee Accident Report, Suffolk University Police Report, Office of  Environmental, Health & Safety Accident/Incident Report, Department of Residence Life & Housing Incident Report.


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