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Public Safety / University Police and Security Department


The safety and well being of all university members is paramount and is a top priority of this university.

The University emphasizes prevention and collaboration between all members of our community and the city of Boston. We strive for good working relations and open communications that result in a safe place to attend school and work, while we welcome visitors from all over the world.

We want our community to actively involve themselves with our police and security department and encourage a positive relationship that result in a safer community.

In all incidents SUPD will notify the BPD, BFD, EMS and any other agency as is needed depending upon the nature of the incident, the resources available and the need for the assistance at the time of incident.

BPD will be notified for all incidents that occur off the property of the University that require local police action and all incidents that involve weapons

SUPD consists of a police and security department which operates 7/24/365.

SUPD will provide public safety to all community members and will work closely will all law enforcement agencies as well as all other agencies in any public safety incident both on the state and federal level.

The police division is made up of special state police officers under 22 c, sections 63 with the same authority of a city or town police officer while on the property and with case law have authority in immediate areas around our property while preserving the peace. All officers attend a 16 week police academy operated by the Massachusetts State Police. All Officers are first responders. All officers are unarmed. SUPD operates and maintains two emergency police vehicles and has direct contact via radio to the Boston police and other local police agencies.

The security division is uniformed officers that enforce rules and regulations of the university. Each officer has CPR and first aid training.

Both police and security officers receive annual in service training to maintain and improve their professional standards.

Each shift has a designated Officer in Charge of that shift; most times it is identifiable ranking officer from the rank of Sergeant and above.

At all times our police dispatcher is in communication with our risk manager and others on incidents that may need additional insight and the deployment of other resources such as an emergency alert notification and or personnel. The dispatcher will maintain a record of incidents. All officers are required to write incident reports. All telephone lines are recorded.

The Police dispatch center is located in the Donahue building, floor one while the administrative offices are in the Sawyer building, A level.

SUPD have security stations at all residence halls, the law school, the school of management, NESAD and the Ridgeway building.

All police and security locations are equipped with medical bags and AED's. 

When and if calling the police and or a security station, please identify the location of the incident and provide the officer as much information as possible while staying on the telephone.

The officer would like to know the answers to the following questions whenever possible;

1.     Where is the incident?

2.     What is the incident?

3.     When did it happen?

4.     Who is involved?

5.     Are there any weapons involved?

6.     Why did it happen?


Telephone number is 617-573-8111 for all emergencies.

Criminal Acts, all criminal acts that occur on University property must be reported to the Suffolk University Police Department as soon as it is safe to do. SUPD can be reached by calling 617-573-8111 and/or by making human contact with an officer. Please provide the officer with as much information as possible and your cooperation is expected by the University. In all cases, when it is safe for the police officer to respond, they will. Police officers will respond to the scene, secure the crime scene when needed, identify persons, suspect (s), victim (s)  and witnesses, take statements, gather facts and evidence, investigate and notify other agencies and obtain other resources as needed. There primary concern is life safety, officer safety, preservation of the peace, identification of the parties involved and apprehension of the offender while rendering the scene to safe.

All criminal acts, whether on the property or not that are a part one violent crimes, Homicide, Rape and or attempted, Robbery and or attempted, Aggravated assaults will be reported to the Boston Police Department as well as crimes involving weapons.

Violence/Hostile behavior should be reported to SUPD when it safe to do. Acceptable human behavior does not include any behavior that is threatening, intimidating and/or considered dangerous to others which adversely impacts the normal activity of the day.

Bomb Threats should be reported to SUPD. SUPD will evaluate the evidence that is presented and take the appropriate action as required to maintain a safe community. The Risk Manger will be notified as well as the BPD. If anyone where to receive a bomb threat, please listen and pay attention to the caller. If anyone were to see a suspicious object, do not touch it, call the police immediately.

Fire Alarms are to be reported to SUPD for emergency response and evacuation as programmed in the system and/or as needed. SUPD will assist BFD in identifying the location of the alarm while assisting with any life safety needs.

Active Shooter reported to SUPD will activate an immediate call to the Boston Police Department who will respond to the incident. SUPD will also notify the Risk Manager who in turn will activate an emergency alert notification. This alert notification will inform you of the incident and what action to take. Being unarmed SUPD will not respond to the area of the shooter and act as an informational unit from a very safe distance. SUPD will vacate any area that is adversely impacted by the dangers of an active shooter. SUPD will assist the BPD when asked and it is deemed safe.

Sexual Assaults may or may not be reported to SUPD, it is up to the victim, however once it is reported SUPD, please know that SUPD will report this information to the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit. Victims may or may not identify themselves to SUPD. The primary focus will be on the victims' medical needs, well being and safety. The University provides support services through the Student Affairs office whether it be health service and or counseling.

Domestic Violence is against the law and unacceptable on campus. SUPD will respond to all calls of this nature, identify offenders, arrest when applicable and provide medical services as well as victims' rights. SUPD will assist with obtaining a restraining order and notify all appropriate law enforcement agencies as needed. SUPD will also communicate with the appropriate departments as needed within the University to support the victim and address any on going concerns. SUPD encourages all people who possess a restraining order to notify SUPD of this.

Psychological Emergencies that are reported to SUPD will be addressed by the police as needed, whether it is providing medical transport, taking the person into protective custody and having them evaluated by a doctor for an evaluation. SUPD will also alert other appropriate departments on campus as needed. The safety and well being of the patient is priority while ensuring the safety and well being of the community in all incidents of this nature.

Medical Emergencies should be reported to SUPD. SUPD will respond and provide medical assistance to the level of their training and will notify Boston Emergency Services as needed. This would include all medical emergencies including any drug overdoses. We rather see the victim of a drug overdose get medical attention than have them fear calling our University police for help. SUPD is issued cab vouchers from student services. They will be offered to resident students to travel to an area hospital for non life threatening emergencies if the resident/patient chooses

Demonstrations and Rallies that are unlawful will not be permitted. SUPD will respond and take appropriate action as needed depending on the facts and circumstances of the demonstration and the impact on the community. The safety and well being of the community is a top priority while maintaining law and order. Any authorized event must be arranged through the student affairs office and the proper forms must be filled. Any event off of the University property must be registered with the City of Boston and approved by the city.

Major Systems Failure/ Internal Disaster that are reported to SUPD will be addressed as a public safety concern. Proper resources will be deployed to the incident for life safety and stabilization of the incident. Proper personnel, particularly the facilities department and any other departments will be notified and deployed. Incident Command System may be enacted depending upon the size, scope and seriousness of the major systems failure. The incident and impact on the community will be monitored and evaluated initially. Then continuously throughout the incident for the safety and well being of the community while attempting to minimize the adverse impact on the day to day operations and the mission of the University.

Catastrophic Emergency/ Natural Disaster is any incident whether by nature or by human beings that has a immediate and or long lasting impact on the loss of life or potential loss of life to a human, many humans and or a community. This may include real property. Life safety is the first priority while the University's mission is suspended at the time for how every long. This would include all essential personnel if their life depended upon vacating the University however before doing this, all efforts when safe to do so would be to alert others of the catastrophic emergency and possible safeguard the real property.

Suspicious Packages/ Substances will be reported SUPD. SUPD will respond to investigate the information obtained when it is safe to do and or notify the BPD and BFD, hazmat team. All incidents will be addressed on a case by case basis.  In cases that SUPD does respond, we will isolate the substance and or the suspicious package, do not touch, establish communication and control, set up a perimeter, evacuate as needed, and attempt to identify persons involved and or  those person (s) adversely impacted, provide first aid, gather evidence and attempt to render the scene safe upon investigation.

Hostage Situation that is reported to SUPD will activate an immediate response to the location except if involves a weapon (s). The initial officer will gather as much information as possible and attempt to indentify the person and or persons involved. The safety and well being of all lives is an objective and all efforts will be made to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution whenever possible. An inner and outer perimeter will be established provided no immediate action is taken by the responding officer (s).

The scene will be made secure and communications will be established. The shift supervisor and the BPD will be notified.  Efforts will be made to identify the reasons for the situation to have taken place. A negotiator will be established to talk with the suspect and or suspects involved.

Occupants with special needs and disabilities that are identified with SUPD will be listed in the security office and or dispatch center where they are employed and or attend school. During an emergency they are expected to call the police at 617-573-8111 to self identify their location and needs. SUPD then will take the necessary action to assist them and or alert the appropriate agencies (BFD) to rescue them.

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