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  • 1.4.3 Medical Services and Emergencies
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Violence & Criminal Behavior on Campus


  1. If you observe a criminal act, a person acting in a suspicious manner on campus, violence on campus or the threat of violence on campus, notify University Police and Security at extension 8111 (or at 617-573-8111) as soon as it is safe to do so and report the incident. 
  2. Include the following information when reporting an incident: 
    1. Nature of the incident 
    2. Location of the incident 
    3. Description of person(s) involved 
    4. Description of property involved 
  3. Assist the Officers when they arrive by supplying them with any additional information and ask others to cooperate.  SUPD would first respond, identify, stabilize, treat if needed, and write report.
  4. SUPD will inform the following administrators when there is a report of violence or criminal behavior on campus involving:
    1. Employees: SUPD will inform the Human Resources Office
    2. Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Director of Residence Life and Summer Programs
    3. Non-Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Dean of Students (Colleges)
    4. Law Students: SUPD will contact the Law School Dean of Students
  5. The EMPLOYEE exhibiting the violent behavior will be removed from the situation/campus and not allowed to return to campus/work until an investigation has been completed and a satisfactory plan has been developed. Violent behavior at the University can result in discipline, termination and/or prosecution.
  6. Disciplinary action may be taken against alleged STUDENT perpretators for violations of the Community Standards or Law School Rules and Regulations in the case of law student.
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