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Many organizational processes are manual by nature, which typically makes them prone to errors and difficult to manage, track and execute. Not only can things get lost in the shuffle within these manual processes, but they often lead to delays in getting things done.

OTM offers custom workflow implementations that enable you to automate various manual processes to save time, eliminate errors and improve overall efficiency. The workflow capabilities allow you to create a more formal structure for collaboration or review processes, giving you precise control over how information flows through your department or program. They also give you the ability to enhance and streamline processes key to the success of your operations.

Examples of Current Implementations

1. New Product Innovation Competition

The New Product Innovation Competition was established by the Sawyer Business School in 2006 to encourage innovation among its students. The Competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and alumni of Suffolk University. 

Contestants send in their applications online, individually or as a team. These applications are then judged by a panel from across the world and a winner is chosen.

2. Undergraduate Programs Course Petition Process

Once matriculated into a degree program at Suffolk University, students are expected to complete all course work at the University. Exceptions are made for international study, or where academic hardship merits consideration. When approved, students can take courses at another accredited institution.

Students submit a petition online which then goes through the workflow process designed by the UG Programs.