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The Bamboo Tablet is a pen-based interface for your computer. In addition to the functions of a mouse, it allows you to add hand written text on your computer. It is particularly useful in online teaching, especially if you have the need to write and share equations or diagrams with students.

Our office has a created a short, 5 minute introductory video of the Bamboo tablet - click the link below to view

On campus it works with Office 2010, Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard LMS, CourseCast.

From the manufacturer:

Bamboo Pen gives you everything you need to enjoy pen input. Start using the pen to edit, mark up documents or collaborate with others. Doodle, sketch and personalize your materials. The ergonomically-designed pen fits comfortably in your hand, and the tablet's textured work surface makes you feel like you're working with a pen on paper.

Bamboo Pen is a smart solution for anyone who strives for clear, visual communication. Write with digital ink, mark up documents and presentations with your own handwriting, draw quick sketches, and explore your creative side.

Bamboo Pen works with your existing computer: desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. Sleek and black, it makes for a stylish addition to your workspace. Attach Bamboo Pen to a standard USB port, set it comfortably by your keyboard, and let your ideas flow.

Model 1

Model 2

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