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This lesson will walk you through how to record on your mobile iPhone or iPads device using Panopto CourseCast, but without Internet access.

NOTE: Panopto Coursecast is currently only supported on the iOS platforms. Support for Droid platform is planned for a future release.

1. To record offline using a mobile device, you must log in online at least once to enable offline recording

2. Once logged in to Panopto CourseCast, click on the Settings tab

NOTE: Make sure the "Remember Me" box is checked.

3. When you are finished with the Panopto recorder, close the application and do not log out

NOTE: If you log out, you won't be able to record offline

4. Open Panopto CourseCast on your mobile device

5. If you try to select a folder to record in to, nothing will appear because you are offline

NOTE: Select Cancel and return to the primary Recording screen

6. Select Record without choosing a Folder or Session

7. Once your recording is complete, you can just leave it on your device

NOTE: Once you have Internet connection again, you can select Use

8. At this point you can select a Folder and create a Session name

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