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Who do I call when I need help with my computer?

You should contact the ITS - Service Desk with all computer issues.  We will log all help calls and dispatch the appropriate technical staff.

Why should I store my files in the My Documents folder?

The My Documents folder is stored on the server and is backed up every evening.  You can also have access to your My Documents folder from almost any computer on campus and also remotely.

Can I access My Documents folder from home?

Yes. Please see the Remote Access page for more information.

Why do I get database error messages when I log off?

Your files are synchronized to the server.  Database file types cannot be synchronized.  You can either remove those files from your my Documents folder or click OK when you log off to acknowledge the error.

Do I need to shut down my computer every night?

No.  You should log off nightly but we prefer you shut down your system only on weekends or when you know you’ll be away from your office for an extended period of time.  We have the server scheduled to do virus updates in the evening and can perform maintenance on your machines when they are left on.

How do I clear cookies in Firefox?

View the tutorial Clearing Cookies in Firefox.

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