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Provided here is a general description of the duties and responsibilities that are to be performed by the Coordinator.

Policy Enforcement

The Coordinator is required to enforce any and all policies in effect that govern the operation of the Sawyer Computing Center. The Coordinator is also required to interact with students in a polite, respectable manner.

Computing Center Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

The Coordinator is to ensure that all equipment in the Computing Center is operating normally. This includes checking that all workstations are in working order, that all software is running as intended, and that all printers are properly stocked with toner and paper.

It is also the responsibility of the Coordinator to check that all lab supply levels are maintained (e.g. Paper, Toner, Staples, etc.).

Room Maintenance

The Coordinator is responsible for keeping the Sawyer Computing Center running neatly and efficiently. By doing this, the Coordinator will ensure that the printer area is free of orphaned documents, that all chairs are neatly stowed (when not in use), and that all refuse left behind is promptly disposed of.

The Coordinator will also maintain an accurate count of users in the Computing Center, and will record the room temperature every hour. If the temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, the Coordinator will be responsible for reporting this to an OTM staff member immediately.

Classroom Maintenance

In addition to the Computing Center facility, the Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining the operation of three computer classrooms, located on the 5th Floor of the Sawyer Building (Rooms 508, 521, and 522).

The Coordinator will maintain attention to the room schedules, and ensure that each room is properly shut down and secured in between classroom sessions. This includes powering-off the projector and room lights, stowing the projection screen, and locking the door.

The Coordinator will also ensure that all chairs are neatly stowed, and that all refuse is removed and disposed of.

Coordinators are expected to maintain and secure each classroom after each and every class.

Hiring Requirements

Please visit the Application for Employment page for hiring requirements.

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