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What is the address for the Download website

Download Website Address -

Can departments teaching disciplines other than Technology sign up for this program?

No, only departments teaching technology disciplines are eligible for this program.

If students get software through Imagine, do they have unlimited usage of the software?

No, Imagine software is intended for use in academic pursuits of technology disciplines: schoolwork, research, academic projects, and so on are all acceptable uses.

Can students keep these tools after they graduate?

Yes, this license is perpetual and nontransferable. You don’t have to uninstall the tools, but the stipulation of “academic use only” does not change.

Can products made with Imagine software be sold commercially by students?

Yes, the only stipulation is the purchase of commercial licenses for all tools used in the creation of a new product prior to selling the product in a commercial situation.

Do you offer support for students once they install the software on their computers?

ITS cannot provide support for the Imagine program beyond granting access to the service and supporting installations in labs and classrooms.

Currently, we will not troubleshoot or support problems with software installations, errors while using the software, or development with the software on personal computers. Each personal computer is unique (including the operating system, the third-party software applications that are already installed, etc.), and there is no way for us to provide support for individual issues beyond what is covered in these FAQs.

The download website does offer many support tools, and documentation.

I haven’t received an email with my login information. What do I do?

If you haven’t received a registration email, try the following:

  • Your login credentials are sent to your Suffolk email address. If you forward your Suffolk email you must check the forwarding account.
  • You can register yourselves by selecting the SIGN IN link on the Imagine Download website , then clicking the "Register" button on the Sign In page, under "Not Registered". You must enter your Suffolk email address.
  • If you’re positive you’ve been registered with the system, but get an error when typing in your username, it’s likely that the Suffolk email address provided for registration was entered incorrectly. Contact the instructor and confirm that your email address is correct.

How can I obtain my forgotten password to download software?

If you have already registered once before and accessed the website, you can request your password be sent again by selecting the SIGN IN link, then choosing "Forgot Password." You must enter your Suffolk email address.

Where is the product key / serial number for the software located?

After you obtain software from the Imagine web site, the product key / serial number for the software is included in the Order Receipt. Otherwise, sign in to the website, click the Your Account link, in the Order History section select the software you downloaded and click View Details.

Can I install Imagine software on an Apple Mac?

Most Imagine software is not compatible with an Apple Mac. The only way you can run such software packages on a Mac is by running a copy of Windows on your Mac, by using Bootcamp or third-party software such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

Where can I find Imagine documentation regarding access and using the software?

Imagine offers a set of FAQs on their download website at:

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