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This document will walk you through the initial setup of the Panopto CourseCast recorder after it is installed on your computer.

1. Run the Panopto CourseCast program on your computer

Run the Panopto Recorder from Start > All Programs > Panopto > Panopto Recorder or click on the desktop icon.

2. Enter information on login screen

The first time you run the recorder, you will be required to log in.

1. For Server Address enter
2. Enter the login that you use to access your office computer. Prefix it with\ (Example:\username)
3. Enter the password for that account
4. Check Remember Me if it is your own computer
5. Click Log In

3. Click on Settings tab

Once the Recorder opens, you will be taken to the "create New Recordings" tab. To continue with the configuration, please click on the "Settings" tab. and choose Basic Settings. Click "Save" if you make any changes on this screen.

System Settings:
*Recommended Action: Leave as default. Do not change.*

Recording Directory: This is the directory on the recording computer where all of the recorded data will be stored. The default is set to C:PanoptoRecorder.

Upload when recorder is closed: The Panopto Recorder allows recordings to be uploaded even while the Recorder is closed.

Use smart video capture resolution detection: (Disable to use default device capture resolution)
Prefer primary capture device input resolution: If you are having resolution difficulties on your primary feed, the "Prefer primary capture device resolution may be the source of the problem. It is not recommended to modify these settings unless you are experienceing problems with the resolution or quality of your primary video feed.

Click Save if you make any changes to System Settings.

Application Settings:
*Recommended Action: Check Automatically Upload Recordings. Check Show Help Messages. Check Notify me when a viewer asks a question.*

Automatically Upload Recordings: Confirm this is checked. This setting allows you to tell the recorder to upload the video as soon as the recording has ended. You may wish to uncheck this box if you want to wait until you have a faster connection before uploading.

Show Help Messages: This setting will enable or disable the Help messages in the highlighted area at the top of the Panopto Recorder.

Minimize When Recording: This setting will automatically minimize the Panopto Recorder when you start your recording.

Notify me when a viewer asks a question: This setting will enable a pop up window on the recording computer notifying you when a viewer asks a question during a live broadcast even if the recorder is minimized.

Disable hot keys: Hot keys have been added to this new release of the software (4.1) as an extra feature to aid in session creating. This enables you to use a few keys to toggle the start, pause, and stop functions on the Recorder even if it is minimized or not the current active window.

Click Save if you make any changes to Application Settings.

4. Go to Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab allows users with Panopto administrative permissions to configure additional settings within the Panopto Recorder.

Application Settings:
*Recommended Action: Leave as default. Do not change.*

Allow Stored Login Info: This will allow you to save your login information at the login screen.

Advanced Capture Settings:
*Recommended Action: Nothing should be checked*

Note: If you are using custom fonts in your PowerPoint presentations, you can check Always capture Powerpoint as screen image.

Click Save if you make any changes to Advanced Settings.

5. Configuration is complete

You have completed the initial configuration of the Recorder. You are now ready to begin recording.

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