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Where is the Sawyer Computing Center (SCC) located?

The SCC is located in Room 544 on the 5th floor of the Sawyer building.

What are the SCC hours?

Please see the center's Hours & Contact Info page for the current hour and holiday schedule.

What do I need to gain access to the SCC?

To be permitted in the SCC, you must present your valid Suffolk ID.

What is the generic username and password to log on to the computers?

There is no generic username and password to login. Students are required to use their SU email username and password to access the computers in the SCC.

Can I eat in the SCC?

No. Food and drink are not permitted in the SCC.

Can I use my cell phone in the SCC?

All cell phone use is prohibited within the lab.

Does it cost to print?

Yes it does. Students are issued an allotment each semester. Price per page is 5 cents for single sided or 8 cents for double sided copies. For issues or questions regarding the Paper Cut Program, please contact the University Servicedesk at or 617.557.2000

Is double sided printing mandatory?

To reduce excessive paper use, all networked printers are set up for double-sided printing. Double sided printing is mandatory in the SCC.

Am I allowed to print multiple copies in the SCC?

Printing multiple copies is prohibited. There are restrictions placed in the computers to prevent this.

Is there a photocopy machine in the SCC?

Currently, the SCC does not offer a photocopy machine. There are machines in the Sawyer Library.

Is there a scanner in the SCC?

Yes, there is a scanner located in the back of the SCC and also at the Lab Coordinators desk.

What programs are currently installed on the computers in the SCC?

Please see the Available Software page for a comprehensive list of installed software.

Does the SCC have a Bloomberg terminal?

The SCC leases a Bloomberg terminal for student and faculty use.

It is best to sign up with the lab coordinator on duty to reserve a time slot to use the terminal, but it is not required. If you would like to use the Bloomberg terminal for an extended period, you will be required to reserve the machine for only 1.5 hours at a time. However, if no one is waiting to use the machine, you may sign up for an additional 1.5 hours after your initial reservation has expired.

The SCC periodically posts information regarding training sessions held by Bloomberg University.

Are the Computer Lab Coordinators allowed to provide homework assistance?

The Coordinators are responsible for the maintenance and security of the lab.

While coordinators may be able to provide help, they are not trained to assist students with technical homework questions.

Are there any options available for the visually impaired or physically handicapped?

The SCC maintains a dedicated workstation for both the visually impaired and physically handicapped.

The Coordinators on duty can assist users in finding and setting up this workstation.

Is it possible to work on a group project in the SCC?

There are three group work areas in the lab. Each area features a padded bench and one desktop computer.

We ask that you please maintain a relatively quiet environment while working on group projects.

Does the lab have a “lost and found?”

Any lost items found in the SCC are brought to the Suffolk security desk, in the lobby of the Sawyer building, at the conclusion of each shift (1:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 10:00 PM).

Can I save files on the lab computers?

Students can temporarily save files on the lab (V:) drive. This drive is periodically erased, and should only be used as a provisional storage location.

What is the direct phone number for the SCC?

Please see the center's Hours & Contact Info page for the phone number.

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