Dear faculty and staff,

The genesis of Suffolk University's e-learning efforts began at the Sawyer Business School in 1999, thirteen years back! We have the distinction of offering New England's first Online MBA program. Since then, the market has evolved to include not just other universities & competitors, but also spawned multiple delivery approaches such as hybrid, blended, flipped and the latest being MOOCs (massive open online courses).

Throughout these years the Business School has been the top driver for innovative technology & course delivery across the Suffolk University network, and in some cases among our peers around the nation. Whether it was introducing Blackboard, delivering CEI's online, establishing a 24/7 Help Desk or adopting anytime, anywhere CourseCast mobile video capture systems; we have had access to tools that lend themselves to engaging students across disciplines. Most of you have embraced these tools that have augmented your teaching & learning efforts, on campus and online. Coursecast alone currently has an impressive repository of 1000+ videos of Suffolk-faculty created content.

As the university now considers an orchestrated strategy around hybrid learning and reboots its e-learning efforts, there will be many new discussions and questions across campus, as more of the community becomes aware of e-learning.

So, I thought it was appropriate at this time to share Nicholas Carr's latest article on " The Crisis in Higher Education" where he discusses whether online learning is a fad or is it about to overhaul higher-ed. PDF is attached. Its an interesting read. Enjoy.

Best regards,