Before you can get started in a Collaborate Web Conferencing session, you should ensure that your computer is able to support the needs of the collaboration environment. Below, you'll find the supported Operating Systems, supported Internet Browsers, and recommended system specifications for using Collaborate Web Conferencing. Your computer should meet or exceed the following minimum requirements:


Operating System


Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Internet Explorer 7.x +
Firefox 3.6+
Chrome 3.0.15

Mac OS X 10.5+

Safari 4.x
Firefox 3.6+

Students: You must complete a system check before your first online class to ensure that your computer meets all the system requirements for using Collaborate. Please run through the configuration process, including setting up your audio and checking your video (if applicable), as soon as possible.

Follow the First Time User link to check if your system meets all requirements and then complete the Collaborate Configuration Test by clicking the link. Set up your audio and video as instructed. Please refer to the configuration instructions on the OTM Knowledgebase if you need additional help.

If you are not able to access the Collaborate classroom, please contact OTM at, 617-573-8524, or submit a support request online as soon as possible. OTM is available from 8:45am-4:45pm, Monday through Friday.

For technical support outside of business hours please contact:

Blackboard, Collaborate, and Wimba 24/7 Support

Online help request form


For all users, we strongly recommend that you use a headset (or at least headphones or an echo canceling microphone) rather than speakers when using simultaneous talkers. This will eliminate potential echoing and feedback and improve your audio experience.