Windows 7 unable to connect to SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2 after entering user credentials in the Network Authentication window.

Step 1

Click the “Network” button on your taskbar next to the clock or speaker.

Step 2

Click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 3

Select Manage wireless networks from the left hand menu.

Step 4

Select Add to create a new network.

Step 5

Select Manually create a network profile.

Step 6

Enter either SU_Student_WPA2, if you are a student, or SU_Staff_WPA2, if you are an employee, into the Network Name Field. Select WPA2-Enterprise from the Security type drop down. Make sure that both check-boxes are filled in at the bottom of the screen and then hit Next.

Step 7

Select or Click on Change connection settings.

Step 8

Click on the Security tab. Make sure the below check-box is checked. Then select Settings.

Step 9

On the Protected EAP Properties window, select GeoTrust Global from the list of Trusted Root Certificate Authorities. Then click on Configure button.

Step 10

On the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties make sure that “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)” check box is Un-checked and click “OK” on all the remaining windows.

Step 11

Type in your Suffolk email username (without the and password and hit “OK.”

Step 12


When the “Windows Security Alert” shows:

  1. Hit the arrow next to Details
  2. Confirm that the Radius Server is either “” or ""
  3. Hit Connect

After following these steps, whenever your computer detects SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2, you will be able to connect automatically.


You should now be connected to the SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2 wireless network.

If you are still unable to connect after following the above instructions, please contact the Help Desk at (617) 557-2000 or email