CourseCast is a tool for creating, editing, and delivering rich multimedia capture of presentations, courses, or meetings.

Armed with a laptop or desktop computer, it is a simple, yet complete solution that allows users to quickly capture material from their office, home, classroom or elsewhere and make it available on the web, or via Blackboard.

CourseCast has the ability to automatically recognize recording devices connected to your computer, and can capture any combination of audio, video, PowerPoint slides or computer screen.

For advanced environments, it can also be used in classrooms or lecture halls that have cameras.

"I love CourseCast because the process takes about one minute more than the length of my actual lecture.  Enormous time savings!"  - Jodi Detjen, Instructor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University

"CourseCast is as easy to use on the Mac as it is on the PC.  It is extremely useful for online or on campus courses.  I record technical topics and make them available for students who need to hear an explanation more than once." - Ruth Ann McEwen, PhD, CPA, Associate Dean/Dean of Accreditation and Administration, Professor of Accounting |