The following protocols  should be used if:

A suspicious package or letter is received

A threat via telephone is received regarding a bomb and/or a bio-chemical or chemical source

If a letter or packaged is received:

If a telephone call is received: Bomb Threat Protocols

Unless SUPD or other bomb threat respondents request your help, leave search efforts to the appropriate authorities. If you find a suspicious object, report its location and any information you have to SUPD immediately. Do not touch it yourself. Evacuate all students and personnel from the area of immediate danger as directed by the SUPD.  Responses to receiving suspicious letters or packages  In cases that SUPD does respond, they will:

  1. isolate the substance and or the suspicious package. 
  2. establish communication and control, warn others in the area
  3. set up a perimeter
  4. evacuate the area if necessary or ordered by SUPD
  5. attempt to identify persons involved and or those person (s) adversely impacted
  6. provide first aid
  7. gather evidence
  8. notify the ICS Core Team
  9. attempt to render the scene safe upon investigation.

 Suffolk University Police or other threat respondents will take responsibility for further action and will contact you if they need additional information.