This document provides a general guidance of evacuation procedures for students with disabilities in case of fire or other building emergencies. Upon arrival at Suffolk University, students with disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services at 617-994-6820, or, for assistance in creating an evacuation plan.  As part of your evacuation plan, the Office of Disability Services will notify the Department of Residence Life & Housing, and the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD) of the fact that you have an evacuation plan.

General building evacuation procedures are covered in Section 1.3 Building Evacuation.

Evacuating Students with Disabilities:

In the event of emergency, students with disabilities should follow these steps:

  1. Contact the SUPD immediately. You can reach them by dialing 617-573-8111, or extension 8111 from a University phone.
  2. Go to the safest place of refuge. Often times this is a stairway.
  3. Wait for the SUPD or the fire department to come to you. If possible, keep your cell phone with you at all times.


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