Below is a list of software available for use in the Sawyer Computing Center.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8

Web Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla FireFox

Google Chrome

Productivity / Classroom Software

Productivity / Classroom software is available on ALL workstations in the computing center.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF viewer

Adobe Creative Cloud

Microsoft Expression Web - A WYSIWYG HTML editor and general web design program.

Microsoft Office 2010 - Access, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio and Word

Microsoft Office 2013 - Access and Excel

Real Player - A cross-platform media player created by RealNetworks.

SAP - Software that targets business requirements, and allows for open communication within and between all company functions.

SPSS - Software used for statistical analysis.

Additional Software

The following software is limited to certain workstations in the computing center.

ACL - Audit analytics and continuous monitoring software.

For access to ACL, please be sure to use one of the following workstations:

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal - For more information, please visit the Bloomberg wiki page.

Accessibility Software

Software listed below is available on the Accessible workstation, located at the rear of the computing center.

Dragon Naturally Speaking - A speech recognition software package.