The purpose of this Suffolk University Cellular Device Policy is to establish procedure and process of procurement, possession, and appropriate use of University-issued devices, specifically, cell phones, smartphones, mobile hotspots and USB modems. All Suffolk University employees are required to comply with this policy. 


This policy applies to all Suffolk employees who are issued University cellular devices. It defines the minimum requirements for issuance of a device to an employee. Additionally, the use of these devices must comply with all applicable Suffolk University policies and procedures as well as State and Federal laws.


Smartphone: A University-issued cell phone that includes a data plan for email, web browsing and applications. 

Mobile Hotspot: A University-issued device that can connect multiple wireless devices at once.

USB Modem: A University-issued USB device that connects a device to the internet.



Any exceptions require approval from the CIO. Department heads are required to annually assess whether there is a continued need for the employee to keep a University-issued device. Convenience is not considered a valid reason to issue a device.


The University Cellular Device Policy is administered through the following procedures. These are reviewed along with the policy as needed to maintain rules of use.






Ordering and Replacement:


Personal Cell Phone Reimbursement:


International Travel with University-Issued Device

Support :

Violation of Policy

The University reserves the right to monitor network traffic, perform random audits, and to take other steps to ensure the compliance with this Policy. In addition, the University may require restitution for any use of service which is in violation of this Policy may lead to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include temporary or permanent restrictions on access to certain information or networks. Willful or repeated violations of this Policy may result in dismissal from the University.


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