Suffolk University Police and Security Department (SUPD)

Working Together for Public Safety 

Suffolk University is an urban campus in a world-class city and public safety is a top priority at all times. The Suffolk University Police and Security Department (SUPD) consists of full-time uniformed police and security officers who are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The department is dedicated to deterring and detecting crime and security hazards through prevention, cooperation and enforcement of university regulations and state laws. Police officers may be assigned to roving patrols or fixed posts. Security officers are generally assigned to fixed posts at entrances to residence halls and other university buildings to monitor and control access. All of these officers provide high visibility as a deterrent to crime and make it convenient for member of the university community to report incidents or request assistance.   

However, a truly safe campus can only be achieved with the cooperation of the entire University community, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Each member of the university community is urged to make a personal commitment to campus safety by incorporating sound safety and crime prevention practices into their daily lives and reporting crimes, suspicious activity and unusual situations to SUPD immediately. By working together we can keep our campus a safe and peaceful place to live, learn and work.

Cooperation with City Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies 

The SUPD Dispatch Center, located in the Donahue Building lobby, has direct telephone and radio communications with the Boston and State Police Departments and will notify the Boston and/or State Police, Boston Fire Department, Boston Emergency Medical Services Department and other city or state public safety agencies as needed and appropriate whenever a major public safety incident is reported on or adjacent to Suffolk University premises. Specifically, BPD will be notified for all incidents that occur on or near university premises that require local police action and for all incidents involving firearms or other dangerous weapons, since SUPD police officers do not carry firearms. All telephone calls at the SUPD Dispatch Center are recorded.

Reporting Crimes and Other Security or Safety Incidents

SUPD Telephone Numbers:

Non-emergency business and to report past incidents    617-573-8333

Emergency                                                                 617-573-8111

The SUPD Dispatch Center is staffed at all times and there is always a Security Officer stationed in the lobby of each residence hall. Members of the university community are urged to report all crimes to SUPD immediately by calling one of the numbers listed above or in person to the officer in the lobby of a residence hall. The reporting party will be asked to provide details such as the nature and location of the incident, when it happened, who was involved, a description of any property stolen, the name or a description of the perpetrator if known, the location or direction of flight of the perpetrator if known, and whether anyone was injured. A police officer will be dispatched to respond to the scene and to meet the reporting party immediately. 

Emergency Notifications and Documentation

The SUPD Dispatcher will notify Facilities and Emergency Management staff of incidents which may need additional assistance and the deployment of resources under their responsibility areas, such as emergency maintenance response and emergency alert notification. All SUPD officers are trained in CPR and First Aid, and officers have access to emergency medical supplies and automatic external defibrillators. SUPD maintains a Public Daily Log of Crimes and Fires and prepares appropriate incident reports.

Individuals with Mobility Impairments  Members of the university community with mobility impairments or other conditions which may require them to have assistance evacuating a building during a fire alarm or other emergency are urged to register with their appropriate Disability Resources Office. Disability Resources will provide SUPD with a record of such individuals and their schedules. Individuals requiring assistance during an evacuation should familiarize themselves with the evacuation routes in the buildings they will be using and contact SUPD at 617-573-8111 to report their location if they need assistance.

The Disability Resource Offices are as follows: 

CAS and SBS Students:  University Office of Disability Services (617-994-6820)

Law Students: Law School Dean of Students Office (617-573-8157)

University Employees:  Human Resources (617-573-8415)

Violence/Hostile Behavior should be reported to SUPD when it safe to do. Violent and hostile behavior includes any behavior that is threatening, intimidating and/or considered dangerous to others, which adversely impacts the normal activity of the day. If you observe a criminal act on campus, a person acting in a suspicious manner on campus, violence on campus or the threat of violence on campus, notify the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD) at extension 8111 (or at 617-573-8111) as soon as it is safe to do so and report the incident. 

Include the following information when reporting an incident: 

1.     Where is the incident?

2.     What is the incident?

3.     When did it happen?

4.     Who is involved?

5.     Are there any weapons involved?

6.     Why did it happen?

Assist the Officers when they arrive by supplying them with any additional information and ask others to cooperate.  SUPD would first respond, identify, stabilize, treat if needed, and write any appropriate reports. 

  1. When it is safe to do so, SUPD officers will respond to the scene, secure the crime scene when needed, identify persons, suspect (s), victim (s) and witnesses, take statements, gather facts and evidence, investigate and notify other agencies and obtain other resources as needed.
  2. SUPD will inform the following administrators when there is a report of violence or criminal behavior on campus involving:
    1. Employees: SUPD will inform the Human Resources Office
    2. Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Director of Residence Life and Summer Programs
    3. Non-Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Dean of Students (Colleges)
    4. Law Students: SUPD will contact the Law School Dean of Students

SUPD will report all criminal acts - whether on the property or not that are Part One violent crimes, homicide, rape and or attempted, robbery and or attempted, aggravated assaults, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson, will be reported to the Boston Police Department as well as crimes involving weapons.

Bomb Threats should be reported to SUPD at ext. 8111 immediately. Call takers should pay close attention to the caller ID display and the caller’s voice and take notes in order to recall the caller’s exact words as closely as possible. When seeing a suspicious package call SUPD immediately – do not touch it.

Fire Alarms SUPD responds to all reports of fire alarms in university buildings to assist Boston Fire Department personnel with evacuation and finding the source of the alarm. Facilities is also notified. All occupants should evacuate immediately upon hearing a fire alarm, following instructions as provided by the voice evacuation announcements.

Active Shooter SUPD will notify the Boston Police Department immediately of any report of an active shooter on or near the campus. Emergency Management will be contacted to activate the emergency alert notification system. SUPD officers will coordinate with BPD and provide access to university buildings, assist in the evacuation of buildings if appropriate, and provide assistance and support to the responding public safety agencies.

Sexual Assaults and Domestic Violence Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are urged to contact SUPD as soon as possible. Violent acts such as these will not be tolerated on campus and SUPD will work compassionately and professionally with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to help ensure they receive appropriate medical and emotional care and are provided with the support and guidance necessary for them to make informed decisions regarding safety options in the aftermath of such violence. Refer to the Suffolk University Policy on Sexual Misconduct for specific information and resources. The policy can be found in the Student Handbook and on the SU website at

Additional information for members of the Law School Community may be found at

Psychological Emergencies that are reported to SUPD will be addressed by SUPD as needed. SUPD will also alert other appropriate departments on campus as needed. The safety and well-being of the patient is priority while ensuring the safety and well-being of the community in all incidents of this nature.

Medical Emergencies should be reported to SUPD. SUPD will respond and provide medical assistance to the level of their training and will notify Boston Emergency Medical Services as needed. This would include all medical emergencies including any drug overdoses.

Non-Life Threatening Emergencies SUPD is issued cab vouchers from student services. These will be offered to resident students to travel to an area hospital for non-life threatening emergencies, if the resident/patient chooses to go.

Demonstrations and Rallies that are unlawful will not be permitted. SUPD will respond and take appropriate action as needed depending on the facts and circumstances of the demonstration and the impact on the community. The safety and well-being of the community is a top priority while maintaining law and order. Any authorized event must be arranged through the student affairs office and the proper forms must be filled. Any event off of the University property must be registered with the City of Boston and approved by the City.

Major Systems Failure/Internal Disasters (Section 1.4.11) that are reported to SUPD will be addressed as a public safety concern. Proper resources will be deployed to the incident for life safety and stabilization of the incident. Proper personnel, particularly the facilities department and any other departments will be notified and deployed. The Incident Command System may be enacted depending upon the size, scope and seriousness of the major systems failure. The incident and impact on the community will be monitored and evaluated initially, and then, continuously throughout the incident for the safety and well-being of the community.

Catastrophic Emergency/Natural Disaster is any incident whether by nature or by human beings that has an immediate and or long lasting impact on the loss of life or potential loss of life to a human, many humans and or a community. This may include real property.

Suspicious Packages/Substances should be reported to the SUPD. No attempt should be made to touch or handle such items. SUPD will respond to investigate the information obtained when it is safe to do and or notify the BPD, BFD (hazmat team), and Emergency Management. All incidents will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. In cases that SUPD does respond, we will isolate the substance and or the suspicious package, establish communication and control, set up a perimeter, evacuate as needed, and attempt to identify persons involved and or those person(s) adversely impacted, provide first aid, gather evidence and attempt to render the scene safe upon investigation.