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What is the CEI?

The Course Evaluation Instrument is the end of the course evaluation.  The CEI is administered online for online courses. 

How does it work?

  • The Online Programs in collaboration with the Office of Technology Management administeres the CEI.

  • Faculty receive a CEI schedule from the Online Programs, which specify the day the CEI will be administerd for his/her particular course

  • CEIs are administered the week before finals

  • The Online Programs emails students and provide them with instructions on how to access the survey link, as well as, with password information a week before the CEI is administered

  • OTM uploads the survey link to each faculty's course Announcement page

  • After the CEIs are complete, OTM compiles the information and provides the Online Programs with a copy of each evaluation on a disk

  • The Online Programs provides a copy of the CEI in electronic format to each faculty, AFTER grades have been submitted.  It also provides Department Chair with a copy.





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