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You can manage your voicemail options online with the Web Phone Manager.

Web PhoneManager allows users to manage their mailbox recordings and their mailbox settings. Web Phone Manager provides a convenient graphical user interface and a system of tabs that organizes messages and mailbox settings that allows users quick and easy access to their mailbox. If you cannot remember your security code or your mailbox number, you can use the security code reset feature of Web PhoneManager to reset it.

University Computer Policy

Suffolk University computing resources referenced by this document are bound by the University Acceptable Use Policy.

Initial mail box set up must be completed before this option is available. Instructions here.

Access is available ONLY from within the University’s network

Step 1

Access Web PhoneManager by clicking on this URL: or enter it in your browser.

Step 2


  1. Enter your mailbox number (your extension)
  2. Enter your Security Code (same as voicemail security code)
  3. Click Login.

Step 3

Please use the ‘Help’ link for context based help for any menu item or option.