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Campus Wireless

802.11n is a new standard of Wi-Fi, or wireless, local area networking. The main benefit of 802.11n when compared to 802.11g, are 50% faster transmission speeds and increased signal strength. 802.11n also supports systems using 802.11a, b, or g, at their rated speeds. In the summer of 2011, Information Technology Services began an upgrade to 802.11n, and it is now deployed in all Suffolk University buildings.

WPA2 Wireless

SU WPA2 is Suffolk University's secured wireless service. It is available in all publicly accessible areas in all the Suffolk's campus buildings. This includes all the residence halls. Students can access SU_Student_WPA2 service with their Suffolk email credentials; faculty and staff can access SU_Staff_WPA2 with their Suffolk University computer workstation accounts. SU WPA2 secured wireless service will allow you to access standard websites, but it also allows you to connect to shared departmental drives, certain network applications, edit websites you have access to, perform file transfers, and more.

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