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What types of cameras are supported in CourseCast?

USB webcams (including iSight on Macs), DV cameras, HD cameras, wall mounted cameras, document cameras, etc. If Windows/Mac computers can load a driver for it, the CourseCast recorder will detect it and allow you to record with it.

How can I view CourseCast recordings in Blackboard?

If you have linked to your CourseCast folder from your Blackboard course, you'll have the following options to view recordings:

  1. You can click on the recording link and view it on your computer. You will need to install Microsoft Silverlight, if it is not on your computer already.
  2. You will also see a feed icon with two links marked "Podcast" and "RSS." These links allow you to subscribe to the course feed in different ways.

Clicking on the Podcast (Audio or Video) link will open your favorite podcast software, or ask you to pick the application you wish to use (e.g. iTunes). Once your application is selected, the podcast will be automatically added to your subscriptions moving forward.


Clicking on the RSS link will take you to a screen that allows you to subscribe to the content using your favorite RSS reader. As new recordings become available, your RSS reader will display links to the new recordings for downloading.

Do viewers need special software to view recordings?

No. CourseCast recordings can be viewed on a number of computers and browsers including Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X (Intel only), and IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. See CourseCast Requirements page for details.

Do I need special software to record?

Yes. You will need the CourseCast recorder software to capture audio, video, PowerPoint slides or screen capture from your computer. Recorder software is available for the PC or Mac. See CourseCast Requirements page for details.

I want my recordings available as podcasts. What do I need to do?

Nothing. CourseCast makes audio and video versions of every recording available as podcast links automatically. These links can be accessed via Blackboard.

How long does it take for the recording to be uploaded to Blackboard?

After you finish recording, upload your material, give the “servers” a moment (or more!) to process them and they will show up in your Blackboard course automatically. It’s that simple. No waiting or worrying about last minute deadlines or contacting people in IT departments.

Does the CourseCast recorder support 64-bit OS?

Yes, 64-bit operating systems are supported.

I don't have an internet connection at the hotel. Can I record using CourseCast?

Yes, the  Recorder allows for "Offline" recordings.  With this ability, a user may recording audio/video/screen capture/PowerPoint without network connectivity.  The system will capture the content and store the material locally on the recording computer.  Once you have an internet connection, you can upload the content to the servers.

Can I edit my recordings?

Yes, the editor allows users to edit recorded content immediately after a lecture has been recorded. The editor gives users the ability to cut material from a lecture such as dead space or breaks.  Slides may be removed from the recording but not added to a presentation.

Can I record using a mobile device?

Yes. Currently only the iPhone/iPad is supported. You will need to download the mobile Panopto app from iTunes to record and share.

I clicked on the video link from my course and it is asking me to login. Do I need a password to view the video?

If the instructor has made the video "Public" you do not need a password to view videos. Videos must be in "Public" (not Private) mode for students to view it.


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