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  • 1.4.10 Domestic Violence
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Regardless of the legal requirements and precedents generally associated with cases of domestic violence, the following steps are critical in initially responding to students who seek our advice and support in such situations:

  1. Students need to be informed, or reassured, that the threat of violence, or any violent behavior, real or perceived, is considered unacceptable and illegal. Implicit threats, as well as actual behaviors, are considered felonies.
  2. Efforts should be made to identify student’s support system/network, including family-based resources as well as shelters, battered women’s groups, etc.
  3. Students should be referred to campus resources such as the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD), the Health, Wellness, and Counseling Center, and the Dean of Students for assistance. University resources (the Health, Wellness, and Counseling Center) which can protect the confidentiality of students presenting with issues of domestic violence should be identified. Students should also be notified that in certain situations, mental health professionals and other University administrators may be required by law to act as mandated reporters, especially in cases where minor children remain in the family household.


  1. If you observe a criminal act or a person acting in a suspicious manner on campus, notify SUPD at 617.573.8111 and report the incident when it is safe to do so.
  2. Include the following information when reporting an incident: 
    1. Where is the incident?
    2. What is the incident?
    3. When did it happen?
    4. Who is involved?
    5. Are there any weapons involved?
    6. Why did it happen?

3.   Assist the officers when they arrive by supplying them with any additional information and ask others to cooperate.

4.   SUPD will inform the following administrators of reports of students involved as victims or alleged perpetrators of domestic violence:

      a.   Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Director of Residence Life and Summer Programs

      b.   Non-Resident Students: SUPD will contact the Dean of Students (CAS & SBS)

      c.   Law Students: SUPD will contact the Dean of Students (Law School).

For situations involving employees, please refer to Section 1.2.3 

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