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(via the Office of Public Affairs)

Please observe these best practices:

  • Heads and teasers should not use the same words, unless repeating one word is unavoidable
  • Heads should use active voice
  • Headlines and teasers should use present or future tense, with rare exceptions
  • Teasers should expand upon idea of the headline
  • Stories on news lists should not use marketing copy
  • Use upper and lowercase in main head.
  • Uppercase only proper nouns and initial word in teasers and subheads within text.
  • Unfamiliar names should not appear, unless there is some explanatory text
  • Avoid unfamiliar acronyms (e.g., NESAD only known within Suffolk community)
  • Teaser text should not be followed by a period
  • Headlines should be easily understood outside the context of departmental pages. For example, “Students in the Spotlight” would be clear in the context of a departmental site, but for it to make sense on the University news list or the home page, it should read: “Theatre Students in the Spotlight.”


Samples below, with preceding notes, come from October 2013 news list. Note, many have periods at end of teaser text, a problem that I think has been resolved in the interim


The following reads as a calendar item, and the teaser repeats info in the headline

Nov. 7: Suffolk Law hosts summit on health care fraud litigation

Join Suffolk Law’s Center for Advanced Legal Studies on Nov. 7 from 4-7:30 p.m. for a summit on the changing regulatory environment and new directions in health care fraud litigation.


Meaningless acronym to anyone outside Suffolk 

NESAD Grads: Out in the World

Suffolk University Gallery presents an exhibition of alumni work in conjunction with Suffolk University Homecoming October 17-20.


Teaser repeats head in its entirety

Professor Landers reviews Supreme Court docket for NPR

Professor Landers talks to NPR about upcoming Supreme Court docket, including key cases involving campaign financing spending and presidential recess appointments.


Too many unfamiliar names. What do panelists say about Lewis and his work?

Masterman panel discusses author Anthony Lewis

Panelists Chemerinsky, Greenhouse and Newton pay tribute to Supreme Court reporter and author of landmark book "Gideon's Trumpet," and discuss his legacy.


Teaser is in marketing language – and it appears to be a calendar item. Discussion of issues, reflected in teaser, could make it work as a promotional news story

 Students Organize Asia Business Forum

Hear from leaders in marketing, finance, and IT


When you open this, it’s a photo and caption. Should be developed into a story

Fall 2013 Astronomy Lab Trip to the Canary Islands

Students dedicated four nights to observing the night skies with nearly perfect viewing condition


Should be present tense – establish

Paying it Forward

Attorney Howard M. Kahalas JD ’72 and his wife Judith Kahalas have established a $100,000 scholarship fund.


Acronym repeats, but would most people recognize what it stands for?

Alumnus Supports CASA

Suffolk Law alumnus Robert Barrett JD '11 has found a way to give back with his law degree through Boston CASA.


Marketing language, doesn’t belong in news list (and perhaps wasn’t intended to go there –watch out for keywords) Guess you would need periods if teaser has three distinct sentences, but that would best be avoided

The Faces of Suffolk

Are you wondering if Suffolk is right for you? Our Trustee Ambassadors were once in your shoes. Now they represent the best Suffolk has to offer. Get to know them.

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