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NOTICE:  Access to Compustat databases is now available through our subscription to WRDS

The Business School subscribes to the following Compustat Datasets:

Compustat North American Data
Compustat North American Data is standardized according to financial statement presentation and specific data item definitions assuring our customers consistent, comparable data with which to analyze companies and industries. Compustat North American is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market data.

Compustat Global Data 
Compustat Global Data is normalized according to country accounting principles, disclosure methods and specific data item definitions. This database provides financial and market data covering publicly traded companies. Hundreds of data items, ratios and concepts are included. In addition, Compustat Global offers data models specific to industrial companies and financial services sectors including: banks, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts and brokers/security dealers.

Compustat Data is accessed via the Research Insight interface.

Research Insight is an analytical software interface used to access and screen the Compustat^®^ database using a wide range of investment and financial criteria. Research Insight provides a wealth of financial data and insightful reports, performance graphs and textual documents giving you the perspective you need to determine a company's true value.

Research Insight's powerful graphical interface allows you to build, modify, generate and print multiple reports simultaneously, allowing you to quickly and efficiently test financial models and theories.

Compustat University - On Demand Training Center

Prefer to attend training at your own pace and on your own schedule?

Registration is required to access recorded sessions. You will be registering with Compustat directly and will not be supported by ITS