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Don't tweet like a headline, tweet like a human. Ex. @MLB Use all pronouns, articles, verbs, etc.


  • Avatar: use our symbol on the appropriate background color cropped to 70 pixels x 70 pixels.


  • Background: use a textural image cropped to 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels. Avoid busy, repeating backgrounds.


  • Name: be as specific and descriptive as possible within the 20-character limit. Use the name of your School,


  • Center, Division, or program. Do not use “Suffolk University” alone; do not use “SU.”


  • Bio: be as specific and descriptive as possible within the 160-character limit.


  • Website: link to your pages on



  • Twitter URL: matches your account name.


  • Profile picture: use our symbol on the respective background color cropped to 200 pixels wide (no height constraint).



  • Page name: no character limit.


  • Page type: under “Official Page,” select “Local Business” and then “Education.”


  • Timeline cover photo: as this is the first thing visitors to your timeline see, the cover photo should be engaging, easy to read, and sized 851 x 315 pixels



  • In-video branding: each video should have a title and closing slide with title information and school-specific visual branding. Closing slide should contain relevant URL (base this on the copy placed around the video, as described below.)


  • Title: indicates the source and content of the video, in less than 20 words.


  • Keywords: tag content with the same key words used to tag content on the website, as well as any other relevant terms (name of person in video, type of event, subject matter.) More tags are better, as they provide more opportunities for users to find the video in YouTube search, or via search engines indexing video content.


  • Description: in 100 words or less, say what’s in the video.


  • Link: provide a link to the pertinent School, Center, Division, program, or blog post for more information.


  • Playlists: can be created by School, by department, by event, or any other pertinent theme. They should be labeled clearly to indicate their overall content, and have a short description of less than 100 words that appears when users click through. Place your top lists (most important content) first in the list of playlists