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A live chat is considered synchronous communication.  Faculty and students log on at the same day/time to chat.  Not all online/hybrid courses at


the Business School use or require a live chat.


MBA Online ProgramRequired 90 minute chatChat
GDPA Online ProgramRequired 90 minute chat Required Chat 
PAD Undergrad online courses *VariesRequired Chat
Undergrad PAD online courses  *VariesExec Required Chat
Executive MBA Hybrid  No chat required 

*Varies means that some courses may require chat, while others may not.  Always check with the faculty teaching the course. 

Preparing for an online live chat: 

Online chats are not intended to be lecture but a live discussion on course materials, case study, assignments, etc. 


Be prepared to be an active participant in the class discussion. Preparation before the live chat is key to a sucessful online chat.


  1. Make sure you and your computer are going to be ready to participate in an online course.  Double-check your capabilities by looking at the Technical Requirements at:http and performing the system's configuration test.  As you are most likely aware, technology is sometimes unpredictable. This unpredictability is a good reason to make sure you have run the configuration test once for each different machine you use, as well as a reason to log in early to just make sure you are “good to go”.  If you do run in to some kind of trouble, let your professor know as soon as possible and contact the Help DeskSupport Services.

  2. Log on to your chat session on time, or even a little beforehand. Your professor will already be there and might be able to answer questions you have before the session begins.

  3. Complete any assigned homework before your weekly live chat session so that you can engage in a discussion during that time. The most informative and fun sessions are when you and your fellow students are active participants in discussing topics at hand.

  4. During the live chat session stay focused on the subject matter and leave yourself open to all of the different perspectives your peers may have. Remember that if everyone has all the same opinions, life would actually be pretty boring!

  5. Not all courses are created equal. Remember that there are a variety of ways to conduct the synchronous chat. Be sure you are knowledgeable about what each faculty in each of your online class expects.

  6. Know that all chat sessions are archived for your review at a later time.