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Online Graduate Course Chatroom Protocol

  • Log on to chat on time.

  • Be prepared for discussion. Chat should not be considered “lecture” time.  Live chats are dynamic and students are expected to be active participants during the discussion.

  • Complete your class work before attending chat.

  • Respect your fellow classmates! Difference of opinions must be expressed in a well-meaning, well-articulated manner.

  • When responding to a specific individual’s comments, begin your response by saying the person’s name: “Ron, I agree/disagree…..”

  • Stay focused on the subject matter.  You want to be direct and on point.

  • Avoid side conversations that can be disruptive to the rest of the class.  If you need to communicate something important to a fellow classmate or your professor, use the private chat function.  Otherwise, wait until the chat is over for personal conversations.

  • Follow your professor’s rules on chat conduct. Not all courses are created equal.  Faculty may have different approaches to chat format.  For instance:  you may be required to only use the voice function or a combination of both text and voice. While some faculty may allow abbreviations, others may not.  Do not expect homogeneity on all chats.

  • If you are going to miss a chat, inform your professor

  •  Online chats are held in an electronic live environment.  Sometimes you may experience tech difficulty.  It is your responsibility to contact support services to report your specific issue. Telling your professor is not going to solve the issue. You must report it immediately so that the appropriate services can troubleshoot your issue. 

  • Online chats are archived.  This is helpful for you, if you need clarification on a specific issue or missed a chat. 

  • Online courses adhere to Suffolk University’s code on dysfunctional behavior. Disruptive behavior during chat will result in disciplinary action.

Undergraduate Course Chatroom Protocol