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What is Online Learning?

Receiving your learning experience by the use of a computer and the internet. Online students, similar to their campus-based counterparts, participate in group projects, take exams, and are challenged by class discussions. The difference is only in the delivery format – not in the outcome.

Whether you are enrolled in the fully-online MBA or the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accoutning; taking online courses as an undergrad or taking hybrid courses in the Executive MBA, online learning in the Sawyer Business School is challenging, demanding, and requires your active participation throughout the semester. 

How will you learn and participate in an SBS online/hybrid course?

Weekly Live Chat:90 minute required live chat hosted within a Web Conferencing tool
Video Lecture:Viewing additional video clips recorded by the faculty member using video capture tool: Course Cast.
Threaded Discussion: An online discussion posting.  Online, faculty may pose a question about a topic, assignment, case anlysis, feedback, etc.  The objective is to generate a discussion among the students.
*Games and Simulations:Computer-based game that imitates real life business scenarios.
Cases:Work on cases either individually or as part of a group.
Group Work:You’ll participate in group assignments, emphasizing competency and team skills.
 Hybrid Course: 

 *What is a simulation?

Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time.  In a business simulation, students practice their business and decision-making skills using a computer based scenario.  Just as in real-life, a participant can make the right or wrong decision, increase or lose profit, and can get fired.  The simulation empowers participants to take charge and build skills to run their own virtual business.

Which Online course use simulation?

MGES 802WBack Bay Battery
MBA 610WLeadership and Team Simulation: EverestV2

MBA 800W

Capsim Capstone