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Start ScreenSteps Content
Start ScreenSteps Content

The Tracman is a small icon in the upper left corner.

Clicking on tracman allows you to get to one of the following:
1. Main Menu - this always takes you back to the home screen
2. Log listing- If applicable to your center
3. Schedule- link quickly to your schedule
4. Reports- If applicable to your access level
5. My Prefs - this allows you to customize your home screen
6. Confirm Bio - this allows you to add additional information about yourself
7. Exit - Exit the program

Clicking on the magnifier allows you to get to one of the following:
1. Students- a student list screen used by staff who run reports or to see an alpha list of every student ever entered into the system
2. Visits- quick view of visits for your center
3. Resources- If applicable to your center
4. Appointments- A search screen for available appointments

End ScreenSteps Content
End ScreenSteps Content