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Start ScreenSteps Content
Start ScreenSteps Content

1. First search for the student using the Trac Navigation search box

If student is not found it means he or she has not yet enrolled in their first course at Suffolk. If the student has an ID# and has been admitted to a program, it is ok to create the student. We do not recommend doing this unless you have to. Examples might be the International Services office advising students about visas prior to them registering or attending orientation but after they have been admitted. Or, an academic advisor working to customize transfer credits after a new transfer student has been admitted but not yet enrolled.

2. Use the "Log Student" box

Type the ID# into the log box.

3. The system will not find the student and ask you if you want to create? Click "Create Student"

Populate ID#, and NAME only. Everything else for the student record will be sent by the data stream when the student enrolls.

IMPORTANT!!!! Be SURE the ID# is perfect that you type in. Verify the ID# first in Colleague. If you make a mistake entering the ID# you will lose your notes in the system. Once the student is enrolled and their data is streamed under the correct ID# a new correct record is created.

If you enter the ID# correctly, then when data is streamed after they register/enroll the system will populate all the fields associated with that correct ID# for you and your notes will be saved.

End ScreenSteps Content
End ScreenSteps Content