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  • After the tornado passes, check for injuries and administer first aid if necessary and if qualified. DO NOT move victims unless absolutely necessary
  • Report injuries and damage to the Suffolk University Police Department via 8111 or 617-573-8111, then Risk Management at extension 8611 or 617-573-8611, or riskmanagement@suffolk. edu. If not possible to call, then notify in person if safe to do so
  • Upon notification by emergency personnel, evacuate a damaged building to your designated assembly site. DO NOT use the elevators. Bring emergency supplies, warm clothing and purses/wallets with you; close all doors behind you
  • Replace telephone handsets that have been shaken off. DO NOT use telephones except to report fires or medical emergencies
  • DO NOT use matches, lighters or other open flames
  • Assist persons with disabilities
  • Notify emergency personnel as soon as possible of the location of anyone unable to evacuate the building
  • DO NOT return to an evacuated building unless directed to do so by emergency personnel
  • DO NOT enter a parking structure until you are told it is safe by emergency personnel
  • Access for updated information as it becomes available
  • If outdoors, watch for downed power lines and possible falling debris
  • Do not enter damaged buildings. Return only when campus officials deem the building(s) to be safe
  • The Suffolk University Police Department will control access to affected areas, and in conjunction with Risk Management, will make evaluations to determine if further actions are warranted


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