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Start ScreenSteps Content
Start ScreenSteps Content

This lesson covers Test creation

1. In Control Panel, select Course Tools then select Tests, Surveys and Pools

2. Choose Tests

3. Choose Build Test if you are creating a new test

NOTE: You may import a previously used test that you exported from another Blackboard course.

4. Name the test and write a description

5. Type Instructions and click Submit

6. In the Test Canvas, choose Create Question and select the type of question to create. In this example we use Multiple Choice.

NOTE: You may choose Reuse Questions to choose a question from a previously created test.
You may also choose Upload Questions if they are formatted correctly with tabs or commas. For instructions creating questions off-line and uploading them, click Upload Questions then click More Help in the paragraph under Upload Questions.

7. Enter the Question title and the actual Question

8. Select your Options

NOTE: If selected, answers will appear in a random order, displaying a different order to each Student answering the question. Students whom take the test multiple times will also be presented with a random variation of the order of the answers.

9. Select the number of possible answers, and enter the Correct answers and the other choices, depending on question type

10. Type feedback if desired (not required)

11. Select categories and keywords if desired (not required)

12. Add Optional Instructor Notes

13. Click submit

14. The first question is now available

NOTE: the Default point value is 10 points per question. To change possible points awarded for answering questions correctly, use the check boxes to select one or more questions, type a number in the Points box, and click Update and Regrade. The new point value is applied to all checked questions.

Alternatively, you can change the scoring for an individual question by clicking its current point value. A pop up allows you to edit the points, set the question as Extra Credit, or give Full Credit. Click Submit and Regrade to make your changes.

15. Select Create Question to add as Many Questions as necessary

16. When complete, click OK on the bottom right

17. Your Test now appears under the Test section.

NOTE: To make the test available to students, you must Deploy the Test.

End ScreenSteps Content
End ScreenSteps Content