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  • Connecting to Suffolk University's wireless WPA2 networks on Android

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Start ScreenSteps Content


This Quickstart Guide will help you to connect to WPA2, Suffolk University’s secured wireless Network for faculty, staff and students. Students will need their Suffolk username and password to access SU_Student_WPA2. Faculty and staff must use their Suffolk desktop username and password to access SU_Staff_WPA2.

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University Computer Policy statement
University Computer Policy statement

Step 1

Go to Settings and select Wireless & networks

Step 2

Check the box to the right of Wi-Fi and tap Wi-Fi settings

Step 3

Under Wi-Fi networks, select either SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2

Step 4

Set the EAP method to PEAP

Step 5

Scroll down and enter your Suffolk University username for the Identity field and your password for the Wireless password field. Then hit Connect.

Step 6

Under Wi-Fi networks, confirm that SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2 indicates it is connected. If not, select it again and hit Connect.


You should now be connected to the SU_Student_WPA2 or SU_Staff_WPA2 wireless network.

If you are still unable to connect after following the above instructions, please contact the Help Desk at (617) 557-2000 or email

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End ScreenSteps Content