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For questions or problems with your MySuffolk username and password, contact the University Help Service Desk.

When are Blackboard Courses Created?


For all Campus Cruiser questions and issues, please call the University Help Service Desk .

Where can I get help with Blackboard issues?

The University Help Desk handles all Blackboard and HorizonWimba (audio/video tool) related issues.


Faculty who are teaching both graduate and undergraduate students in one course often end up with two course web sites. This is because Blackboard course sites are created automatically from the course information in the Registrar's database. To merge multiple courses into one on Blackboard please contact OTM with the course numbers for the courses you would like to combine and, also, please indicate which course you would like to be the master course. The master course will be the course that you edit on Blackboard. It is best if the master course is the course that has the most students registered in it. The Office of Technology Management will make sure that all of the students have access to the Blackboard material. If a student registers late for one of the merged courses that is not the Master class, please contact OTM requesting for the student to have access to the Blackboard material. This process is manual and will usually be completed in three to five business days.


When the professor loads information onto Blackboard for a cross-listed course, the information is loaded only to the graduate section. This means that students who are registered for the undergraduate section of the course will not be able to see this information. Undergraduate students who do not yet have access to the graduate section will have to ask their professor to contact the Office of Technology Management. Professors should contact OTM with the student’s name and the section of the course on Blackboard that the student needs access to.