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We want our community to actively involve themselves with our police and security department and encourage a positive relationship that result in a safer community.

In all incidents SUPD will notify the Boston Police Department, Boston Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and any other agency as is needed depending upon the nature of the incident, the resources available and the need for the assistance at the time of incident.

BPD will be notified for all incidents that occur off the property of the University that require local police action and all incidents that involve weapons


Criminal Acts, all criminal acts that occur on University property must be reported to the Suffolk University Police Department as soon as it is safe to do. SUPD can be reached by calling 617-573-8111 and/or by making human contact with an officer. Please provide the officer with as much information as possible and your cooperation is expected by the University. In all cases, when it is safe for the police officer to respond, they will. Police officers will respond to the scene, secure the crime scene when needed, identify persons, suspect (s), victim (s)  and witnesses, take statements, gather facts and evidence, investigate and notify other agencies and obtain other resources as needed. There primary concern is life safety, officer safety, preservation of the peace, identification of the parties involved and apprehension of the offender while rendering the scene to safe.

All criminal acts, whether on the property or not that are a part one violent crimes, Homicide, Rape and or attempted, Robbery and or attempted, Aggravated assaults will be reported to the Boston Police Department as well as crimes involving weapons.

Violence/Hostile behavior should be reported to SUPD when it safe to do. Acceptable human behavior does not include any behavior that is threatening, intimidating and/or considered dangerous to others which adversely impacts the normal activity of the day.


Sexual Assaults may or may not be reported to SUPD, it is up to the victim, however once it is reported SUPDto SUPD, please know that SUPD will report this information to the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit. Victims may or may not identify themselves to SUPD. The primary focus will be on the victims' medical needs, well being and safety. The University provides support services through the Student Affairs office whether it be health service and or counseling.