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Floor wardens will notify emergency response personnel of any other non-ambulatory individuals or persons with special needs and/or disability they know about who are unable to exit the building unassisted.  Transporting of individuals with special needs and/or disability up or down stairwells should be avoided without the assistance of emergency response personnel.  Unless imminent life-threatening conditions exist in the immediate area occupied by a non-ambulatory or disabled person, relocation of the individual should be limited to an area of refuge on the same floor separated by a set of closed fire doors preferably in close proximity to an evacuation stairwell.

Reminders for persons with special needs or disabilities:

  • Take control without depending on others to take the first step
  • Do not be afraid to let others know you need assistance (floor wardens, RA's, etc.)
  • Do not hesitate to communicate what your special needs are in order to make the evacuation easier and safer
  • Plan ahead.  Be prepared
  • Self Identify with HR or ODS.
  • Enter the SUPD Emergency Phone Number (617-573-8111) into your cell phone.
  • When entering the building, look and locate the most available telephones.  Note EXIT signs, stairwells, and location of fire alarm pull stations Labels parameters