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Public Safety / Suffolk University Police and Security Department

The safety and well being of all university members is paramount and is a top priority of this university.


SUPD will provide public safety to all community members and will work closely will all law enforcement agencies as well as all other agencies in any public safety incident both on the state and federal level.

The police division is made up of special state police officers under 22 c, sections 63 with the same authority of a city or town police officer while on the property and with case law have authority in immediate areas around our property while preserving the peace. All officers attend a 16 week police academy operated by the Massachusetts State Police. All Officers are first responders. All officers are unarmed. SUPD operates and maintains two emergency police vehicles and has direct contact via radio to the Boston police and other local police agencies.

The security division is uniformed officers that enforce rules and regulations of the university. Each officer has CPR and first aid training.

Both police and security officers receive annual in service training to maintain and improve their professional standards.

Each shift has a designated Officer in Charge of that shift; most times it is identifiable ranking officer from the rank of Sergeant and above.
At all times our police dispatcher is in communication with our risk manager and others on incidents that may need additional insight and the deployment of other resources such as an emergency alert notification and or personnel. The dispatcher will maintain a record of incidents. All officers are required to write incident reports. All telephone lines are recorded.