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Faculty/Staff members who need Individuals with special needs and/or a disability who may need assistance during an evacuation are or other emergency are encouraged to self-identify and discuss with staff in advance who might assist them in leaving the building and/or who will inform emergency personnel of their presence and where they are located so that further assistance can be provided. 

Employees should self-identity any special needs or disabilities (even temporary) to Human Resources.  Human Resources will then notify SUPD and OEHS.  SUPD and OEHS will meet individually with the employee to devise a plan in an emergency situation. Employees should also notify their floor warden.  Students should notify the Office of Disability Services (ODS) who will then devise a plan along with SUPD and OEHS for an emergency situation.

The reported emergency in the building may be such that evacuation may not always be necessary for persons with special needs or disabilities. The individual with special needs and/or disabilities should contact the Suffolk University Police at (617)573-8111 for information and instructions.

If the Suffolk University Police Department or The Boston Fire Department determines that an evacuation is necessary:

  • During an emergency situation individuals should contact SUPD to notify them of their current location (safe place of refuge).
  • Individuals should follow their specific emergency procedures they have devised with SUPD, OEHS, and ODS.
  • Enter the safest area, away from danger and call (617)573-8111.  Notify your floor warden and/or co-workers that you require assistance to exit the building.  Tell the University Dispatcher your exact location and wait for assistance.  Telephones will often work in a burning building.  If the telephone does not work, try signaling at a window by waving a cloth or other visible object.

The University Police and Security will notify the emergency response personnel of any special needs and/or disabled individuals.  Registration by special needs and/or disabled individuals to Human Resources and ODS is a voluntary recommendation.  Individuals with special needs and/or disability (even temporary) – or who become mobility impaired are strongly advised to register.  Suffolk University Emergency Manager. The Emergency Manager will notify the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD) and the Floor Warden. Notification by disabled individuals to the Emergency Manager is a voluntary recommendation. Individuals with a disability, even temporary, or who become mobility impaired, are strongly advised to notify. Individual evacuation plans can be developed with SUPD and OEHSthe Emergency Manager, consistent with individual requirements.  Floor wardens will notify

In the event of a reported emergency in the building, it may be that evacuation is not always necessary for persons with disabilities. The individual with disabilities should contact SUPD at extension 8111 or 617-573-8111 for information and instructions.

SUPD and/or the Floor Warden will notify the emergency response personnel of any other non-ambulatory individuals or persons with special needs and/or disability they know about who are unable to exit the building unassisted.  Transporting of individuals with special needs and/or disabled individuals. 

Transporting of individuals with a disability up or down stairwells should be avoided without the assistance of emergency response personnel.   Unless imminent life-threatening conditions exist in the immediate area occupied by a non-ambulatory or disabled person, relocation of the individual should be limited to an area of refuge on the same floor separated by a set of closed fire doors preferably in close proximity to an evacuation stairwell.


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