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Suffolk University Police and Security Department (SUPD)

Working Together for Public Safety 


The SUPD Dispatch Center, located in the Donahue Building lobbyon the lower level of Sargent Hall, has direct telephone and radio communications with the Boston and State Police Departments and will notify the Boston and/or State Police, Boston Fire Department, Boston Emergency Medical Services Department and other city or state public safety agencies as needed and appropriate whenever a major public safety incident is reported on or adjacent to Suffolk University premises. Specifically, BPD will be notified for all incidents that occur on or near university premises that require local police action and for all incidents involving firearms or other dangerous weapons, since SUPD police officers do not carry firearms. All telephone calls at the SUPD Dispatch Center are recorded.


Sexual Assaults and Domestic Violence Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence are urged to contact SUPD as soon as possible. Violent acts such as these will not be tolerated on campus and SUPD will work compassionately and professionally with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to help ensure they receive appropriate medical and emotional care and are provided with the support and guidance necessary for them to make informed decisions regarding safety options in the aftermath of such violence. Refer to the Suffolk University Policy on Sexual Misconduct for specific information and resources. The policy can be found in the Student Handbook and on the SU website at

Additional information for members of the Law School Community may be found at

Psychological Emergencies that are reported to SUPD will be addressed by SUPD as needed. SUPD will also alert other appropriate departments on campus as needed. The safety and well-being of the patient is priority while ensuring the safety and well-being of the community in all incidents of this nature.


Suspicious Packages/Substances should be reported to the SUPD. No attempt should be made to touch or handle such items. SUPD will respond to investigate the information obtained when it is safe to do and or notify the BPD, BFD (hazmat team), and Emergency Management. All incidents will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. In cases that SUPD does respond, we will isolate the substance and or the suspicious package, establish communication and control, set up a perimeter, evacuate as needed, and attempt to identify persons involved and or those person(s) adversely impacted, provide first aid, gather evidence and attempt to render the scene safe upon investigation.


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Incident Support Team1/23/2013