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If you are interested in working at the Sawyer Computing Center, you may download and print the application at your leisure and drop it off in person at the Office of Technology Management at our office. Applications received by mail are not given consideration.


Hiring Process

The Office of Technology Management maintains Technology Management maintains a professional hiring process by which new coordinators are placed.



The Office of Technology Management does not hire on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, while friend references are friend references are allowed and encouraged, we do not hire on references alone.

All applicants who are considered for employment at the Sawyer Computing Center are given equal consideration and weighed based on competence, availability, and their ability to work with and communicate effectively with students.

Hiring Timeline

While the Office of Technology Management OTM does not practice a first-come, first-served basis for hiring coordinators, we do implore prospective applicants to submit their applications early on.

Hiring for the next semester is usually done a at the end of the previous term. This means that coordinators looking for work in the Fall should apply at the end of the Spring semester. This is doubly important if you are an international student and have not yet obtained a Social Security Card, as this process generally takes about one month.