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1. Legal Holds: Do not follow the Records Retention Schedule to destroy records that are currently part of--or you are aware that they are going to be part of--any legal action or proceeding, litigation, audit, investigation, or review. For more information, consult the Legal Hold Policy and Procedures, or contact the Office of the General Counsel.

2. Personal Information: Some records contain personally identifiable or sensitive information (social security numbers, account numbers, personal data, proprietary university data, etc), and must be destroyed securely by shredding, incinerating, pulping, or pulverization. Please contact the University Records Manager if you need assistance with proper destruction of these records. For more information on information security, consult Suffolk University's Written Information Security Program.

3. Offsite Records Storage: Some records will become inactive before they are eligible for destruction or transfer to the Archives. Inactive records that must be retained for two years or more should be transferred to offsite storage. The facility's primary responsibility is to serve the storage and retrieval needs of Suffolk's libraries, archives, departments, and offices. Active records, however, should not be sent offsite where their retrieval incurs a charge. If you would like to transfer records to offsite storage, please refer to the detailed instructions on the Records Management web page, or contact the Records Manager for assistance.

4. Record Destruction: Once a record has reached its required retention date, please request authorization for destruction and document your actions before destroying any records, you must complete a Document Destruction Form, which must be endorsed by your Department Head, and submitting it to the Records Manager. Records that do not contain Personal Information can be recycled or otherwise disposed of in your office. For records that contain Personal Information, please contact the Records Manager to arrange for secure onsite or offsite destruction. In both cases, the Records Manager will permanently maintain the Document Destruction Form in the University Archives.

5. Special Schedules: If you don't see your record type listed in the Schedule, please contact the University Records Manager. Some functions are specific or unique to a particular office, and these activities generate records that have not yet been scheduled or for another reason have been left out of the general Schedule.

6. Electronic Records: Please note that this schedule applies to all records, regardless of form. This includes paper, electronic, and email records. If a paper record is destroyed according to the schedule, any electronic versions of the record must be destroyed as well, and vice-versa. If you are digitizing records, the original paper record can be destroyed when no longer needed, as long as the electronic version is retained for the required period of time. 0100-0199 Administrative
0115General Office Support Records
0130Policies, Procedures, and Standards
0145Project Files
0160Contracts and Agreements
0200-0299 Advancement and Alumni
0200Alumni Association Program Administration Records
0215Alumni Association Volunteer and Communication Records
0230Alumni Contact Information
0245Donor Files
0260Gift Processing Records
0275Giving Analysis Records
0290Prospect and Entity Files
0300-0399 Executive and Management
0300Accreditation Records
0310Annual Reports
0320Articles of Incorporation
0330Committee Records
0340Executive Administrative Files
0360External Relations Records
0400-0499 Facilities
Environmental Health and Safety: SEE SPECIAL SCHEDULE A
Planning and Management
0435Abutter Agreements
0440Building Drawings
0445Building Systems Data
0450Construction Project Records
0460Dining Hall Inspection Records
0470Floor Plans
0490University Master Plans
0495Usage Certificates and Permits
0500-0599 Faculty and Academic Departments
Courses and Curriculum Development
0500Academic Advising Records
0505Academic Program Administration Records
0510Academic Program Agreements
0515Course Catalogs
0520Curriculum Development Records
0525Faculty File
0535Tenure Records
Research and Grants
0540Human Subjects Research Records
0542Human Subjects Research Policies and Procedures
0545Institutional Research Records
0550Institutional Review Board Office Records
0560Research Records
0565Scientific Misconduct Proceeding Records
0570Disciplinary File/Conduct Reports
0575Graded Work
0580Registration and Class Lists
0585Student Record File
0600-0699 Financial
0600Budget Records
General Accounting
0605Accounts Payable Records
0610Accounts Receivable Records
0615Administrative Credit Card Records
0620Annual Fiscal Reports
0625Cash Records
0630Cashier's Daily Summary Records
0635Check and Payment Records
0640Correspondence, Fiscal
0645Development and Endowment Records
0650Employee Receivables Records
0655General Ledger Records
0660Refund and Disbursement Records
0663Sponsored Research and Project Financial Records
0664Tax-Exempt Bonds
0665Employee and Student Payroll Files
0670Payroll Administration Records
0675Bid Documents
0685Purchase Orders
Tax 0690Tax Statements Withholding Authorization Forms
0695Federal and State Tax Records
0700-0799 Human Resources
Compensation and Benefits
0700Benefit Plan Records
0710Compensation Records
0720Employee Benefit Records
0730Employee Retirement Records
0732Information for Determining Employee Benefits
0734Employee Pension Plans
0740Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Records
0743Employment Eligibility Verification Records
0745Employee Records
0750Employment Eligibility Verification Records
0755Unemployment Claim Compensation Records
0760Workers' Compensation Records
0765Search and Recruitment Records
0770Training and Development Program Records
Health and Safety
0775Counseling, Psychiatric, and Psychological Care Records
0780Employee Medical Records
0785Family and Medical Leave Records
0795Drug Prevention Program Records
0800-0899 Information Technology
0820Application Data
0830Enterprise Architecture Documentation
0850Operation and Maintenance
0870Project Management Records
0890Work Requests and Problem Reporting
0900-0999 Libraries and Archives
0900Borrowers Records
0920Circulation Records
0940Collection Management Records
0960Interlibrary Loan Records
0970Library and Archives Acquisition Records
0980Records Management Records
0990Reference Request Records
1000-1999 Legal Affairs
1000Intellectual Property Records
1020Litigation Files
1040Settlement Agreements
1060Clinical Client Case Files
1100-1199 Public Safety and Risk Management
1100Claim Files
1105Criminal Offenses on Campus
1110Emergency Preparedness Records
1120Incident and Investigation Records
1130Insurance Records
1140Motor Vehicle Permit Records
1160Security Files
1200-1299 Public Affairs
1200Marketing and Communications Records
1210Media Files
1230Student Media Productions
1300-1399 Publications
1300University Publications
1310Student Publications
1400-1499 Special Events
1400Academic Conference Records
1420Special Events Records
1500-1599 Students and Student Services
1500Admissions Reports
1502International Student Records
1504Prospective Student Information
1506Student Admission Records, Admitted
1508Student Admission Records, Declined or Withdrawn
1509Student Admissions Records, Incomplete
1510Student Account Records
1512Tuition and Fee Policy Records
Career Services
1514Career Services/Placement Records
Financial Aid
1518Audit Records
1520Credit Bureau Reports
1522Financial Aid Activity Records
1524Financial Aid Reports
1526Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) Records
1530Scholarship Records
1532Student Financial Aid Records
1534Student Loans
1535Title IV Program Records
1536Work Study Program Records
Health, Wellness, and Counseling
1538Communicable Disease Records
1540Counseling Records
1542Health Education Records
1544Licensure Records
1546Pharmacy Prescription Dispensation Records
1548Student Medical Records
1550Enrollment Verification Records
1552Official Course and Grade Records
1554Transcript Requests
1556Veterans Records
Student Affairs
1558Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Documents
1562Grievance Records
1564Student Disability Records
1566Student Grievance/Complaint Files
1568Student Organization Records
1570Student Publications Administration Files
Student Athletics
1572Athletic Eligibility Records
1574Athletic Event Records
1576Athletic Injury Records
1578Catastrophic Plan
1580Student Athlete Medical Records
Student Residences
1582Student Housing Administration Records
1584Student Housing Contracts
1600-1699 Other