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  • 1.3 Building Evacuation

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  • To assist occupants in exiting the building by identifying exit routes (IF THEY CAN DO SO SAFELY)
  • To know the assembly areas and to communicate this information to occupants in the event of an evacuation
  • To check all areas of their floor (IF THEY CAN DO SO SAFELY) to ensure that occupants have vacated the floor
  • To maintain a list of the occupants on their floor which they take with them in the event of an evacuation
  • To assemble with the occupants of their floor at the assembly area and conduct a head count, if possible. Notify the emergency personnel of any persons who cannot be accounted for
  • To notify emergency response personnel of any persons that they know have special needs or disabilities, or other non-ambulatory individuals who are unable to evacuate the building unassisted


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