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Web-related style
Do not capitalize email unless the word is used at the beginning of a sentence.
Common terms: website, internet, web, homepage, webpage, email, online, URL, HTML
Do not use “acad” in Suffolk email addresses.
URLs should be listed in all lowercase, without boldface, underscores, or italics. When Web addresses do not contain “www.,” be sure to begin them with “http://”.

When listing URLs in running text, do not include the preceding http:// or, if applicable, www. Also, do not add a preceding www if a given URL is (domain), as that could result in a non-functional web address. Also, do not forget to appropriately hyperlink URLs listed in running text.


To avoid confusion when using email addresses or URLs in running text, do not break a line on a hyphen or insert a hyphen. Generally, try to break before the “@” or “.” (or between discrete units in a URL). If the email address or URL is at the end of a sentence, it is acceptable to add a period.  
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